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Call Us Today!
(706) 354-4663

Tips For When The Realtor Calls

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    Kelly Realty Services LLC
    8811 Macon Highway
    Athens, GA 30606
    Phone: (706) 354-4663

    Real Estate



    • Ask Realtor for 1 Hour
    • Open All Drapes/Curtains
    • Open Doors and Windows (If Possible)
    • Boil Cinnamon/Vanilla Sticks
    • Vacuum/Sweep All Floors
    • Turn On Furnace Fan
    • Put Cars in Garage
    • Close Garage Doors

    Living Area

    • Turn Off TV
    • Turn On Radio Playing Softly in the Background
    • Remove the Pets
    • Tidy Sofa and Fluff Pillows
    • Tidy Newspapers and Magazines
    • Clean Coffee Table/End Tables
    • Empty and Remove Ashtrays


    • Clean Sink/Tub/Shower
    • Clean/Tidy Counter Tops
    • Clean Mirror
    • Organize Towels
    • Turn On Exhaust Fan
    • Shake Out Bath Mat/Rug
    • Put Toilet Seat Down


    • Make All Beds
    • Place Miscellaneous Items under Bed
    • Close Closet Doors
    • Place Laundry in Hamper


    • Remove Dishes from Sink
    • Place Dishes in Dishwasher
    • Run Dishwasher
    • Clean/Polish Sink
    • Clean/Tidy Counter Tops
    • Clean Stove Top and Refrigerator


    • Turn Off Furnace Fan
    • Organize Clutter


    • Turn On All Lights in House
    • Dispose Of Cinnamon/Vanilla
    • Turn Off Exhaust Fan
    • Leave the House If Possible

    We Specialize in Real Estate Sales & Property Management! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

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